"Being seen and truly listened to is essential to our sense of wellbeing"

No  judgement. No advice. Just a cup of tea and a listening ear.

I aim to provide a support that is affordable and easy to access. A place to talk about the little and not so little things life might throw at you.


Services and Pricing

As you can see my listening and training sessions are very reasonably priced. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, I aim to provide a service for anyone that might feel that they cannot justify spending a lot of money and secondly, I see my sessions as similar to a weekly personal training session for your body, just for your mind and mental health. Because sessions are affordable, there would hopefully be no guilt in coming regularly to stay on top of all the little things that could otherwise potentially add up to overwhelm.

To book a session please call or text 0416914438, contact me vial email: or message me through Facebook - 'Listening Space Newport'

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Listening Session - In Person

45 minutes - $30

For this listening session you come to my cosy Listening Space in Newport. We will have a cup of tea together (if you would like one) and you can share with me whatever you like. This can be something good if you're just looking for a bit of company or it can be something that is bothering you/wearing you down/making you anxious or whatever else you might be feeling. I will mostly listen and try to fully see and understand you. I will not judge or fix or give advice but just be fully present. It might not sound like much but feeling truly seen is extremely powerful and can often bring about a new perspective.

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Listening Session - Phone or ZOOM

45 minutes - $30

This session is similar to the in-person-session in regards to what we do, except that it is done via phone or ZOOM. I highly recommend the in-person-session because I believe that it is beneficial for this particular service to sit together in the same place but I do want to offer this option if you cannot or would prefer not to come in person.

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Become a Better Listener
- first session -

60 minutes - $45

In this session you will learn the basics of becoming a better listener. Being a great listener will not only make your conversations much more effective and interesting but it will also improve your relationships with everyone around you and make you a trusted ally for the people you care about.

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Become a Better Listener
- follow on sessions -

45 minutes - $30

In these sessions we go into more depth around listening deeply and discuss real life examples of challenges you might encounter and positive ways of approaching and resolving them. These can be scheduled whenever you feel that you are stuck with a particular issue or they can be scheduled regularly in an effort to keep this approach top of mind.


This is Me

Hi, my name is Tina. I am not a psychologist but rather a community minded person with a passion for truly understanding people.  I have done several trainings and workshops through Lifeline, Sidewalk Talk and the Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training of the Northern Beaches Council and know how powerful it is to feel truly seen and now aim to help people feel the calm and confidence that can happen through this process. I have found my way to empathetic listening through a few different pathways and have always had a desire to understand people on a deep level, but the thing that made the biggest impression on me and that showed me how powerful and fulfilling active listening is for me was a volunteer project called Sidewalk talk. This community listening project, which is happening all around the world, has volunteers sitting with two chairs each in a public place who will listen to whoever passes by and has a desire to share something, no matter what it might be. The idea is to connect the community and to show people how amazing it feels to be listened to without judgement, without receiving advice and without the other person just waiting for you to finish talking so they can share their own story.
I have volunteered with Sidewalk talk many times and have always felt that this service should be something that is available to people outside of the limited hours provided by them and to anyone who feels they could use a listening ear or a sounding board. So this is how the idea for my Listening Space came about and I could not be happier that I can now help people feel heard. Often that is all that is needed.
I’m hoping to share a cup of tea with you soon, Tina



This week had thrown up a few curve balls with my kids that I've been wrestling with unconsciously. It wasn't until voicing what was going on that I realised how heavily these concerns were weighing on me. A warm drink and half an hour with Tina and I return home lighter and with a new perspective. Thanks so much for providing this valuable service Tina. Same time next week?

Julie H.

Tina at the Listening Space is a gem. I needed someone to talk to who could take time out to listen, but really didn't want to burden my friends. Tina has an understanding and genuine nature and it was lovely to have a cuppa with her. This is a wonderful service in the community, at a time when many of us are struggling. Thank you Tina!!

Lisa M.

Dear Tina, I came to you quite stressed and overwhelmed, not really knowing what I needed. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. It seems that all I needed was to offload, to talk, to be listened to. I felt safe and I left lighter than when I arrived. Thank you so much! I feel super happy that I found your cozy Listening Space! I enjoyed my cuppa with you and would love to come back for another one.

Alex L.



For more information or to book a listening session, give me a call, write me a text or shoot me an email or a message through Facebook.

0416 914 438

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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect in my listening session?

When you come to my Listening Space, I will make us some tea (if you would like some) and we'll settle in my cosy space. I will ask you what you would like to talk about and then truly listen and aim to fully understand you. What you would like to talk about is entirely up to you. It can be something great that happened that you would like to share with somebody or a vent or something that you are struggling with or anything else. The aim is that even little things can get a chance to be aired.

Are you a psychologist?

I have done training workshops with Lifeline and Sidewalk Talk but I am not a psychologist. While I have the utmost respect for psychologists and believe that they are very important, I aim to provide a support that is much more affordable and easier to access and hope to provide a service that has none of the stigma attached that going to a psychologist still has for some.

Will what I tell you stay between us?

In this I follow the guidelines set for psychologists. The general answer would be yes, absolutely! There are some exceptions where I would be morally obligated to pass on information but if it ever got to that point I would always let you know first. Other than that, everything you talk about is strictly confidential and will not leave the Listening Space.

How do I book a listening session?

To book a listening session, you can call or text me on 0416914438 or contact me though email or Facebook. I am available during school hours but can arrange sessions for other times when given enough notice.