Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in my listening session?

When you come to my Listening Space, I will make us some tea (if you would like some) and we'll settle in my cosy space. I will ask you what you would like to talk about and then truly listen and aim to fully understand you. What you would like to talk about is entirely up to you. It can be something great that happened that you would like to share with somebody or a vent or something that you are struggling with or anything else. The aim is that even little things can get a chance to be aired.

Are you a psychologist?

I have done training workshops with Lifeline, Sidewalk Talk and the Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention through the Northern Beaches Council but I am not a psychologist. While I have the utmost respect for psychologists and believe that they are very important, I aim to provide a support that is much more affordable and easier to access and hope to provide a service that has none of the stigma attached that going to a psychologist still has for some.

Will what I tell you stay between us?

In this I follow the guidelines set for psychologists. The general answer would be yes, absolutely! There are some exceptions where I would be morally obligated to pass on information but if it ever got to that point I would always let you know first. Other than that, everything you talk about is strictly confidential and will not leave the Listening Space.

How do I book a listening session?

To book a listening session, you can call or text me on 0416 914 438 or contact me though email or Facebook. I am available during school hours but can arrange sessions for other times when given enough notice.