Services and Pricing

As you can see my listening and training sessions are very reasonably priced. There are two reasons for this: Firstly, I aim to provide a service for anyone that might feel that they cannot justify spending a lot of money and secondly I see my sessions as similar to a weekly personal training session for your body, just for your mind and mental health. As sessions are affordable there would hopefully be no guilt in coming regularly to stay on top of all the little things that could otherwise potentially add up to overwhelm.

To book a session please call or text 0416914438, contact me via email: or message me through Facebook - 'Listening Space Newport'

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Listening Session - In Person

45 minutes - $30

For this listening session you come to my cosy Listening Space in Newport. We will have a cup of tea together (if you would like one) and you can share with me whatever you like. This can be something good if you're just looking for a bit of company or it can be something that is bothering you/wearing you down/making you anxious or whatever else you might be feeling. I will mostly listen and try to fully see and understand you. I will not judge or fix or give advice but just be fully present. It might not sound like much but feeling truly seen is extremely powerful and can often bring about a new perspective.

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Listening Session - Phone or ZOOM

45 minutes - $30

This session is similar to the in-person-session in regards to what we do, except that it is done via phone or ZOOM. I highly recommend the in-person-session because I believe that it is beneficial for this particular service to sit together in the same place but I do want to offer this option if you cannot or would prefer not to come in person.

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Become a Better Listener
- first session -

60 minutes - $45

In this session you will learn the basics of becoming a better listener. Being a great listener will not only make your conversations much more effective and interesting but it will also improve your relationships with everyone around you and make you a trusted ally for the people you care about.

Become a Better Listener
- follow on sessions -

45 minutes - $30

In these sessions we go into more depth around listening deeply and discuss real life examples of challenges you might encounter and positive ways of approaching and resolving them. These can be scheduled whenever you feel that you are stuck with a particular issue or they can be scheduled regularly in an effort to keep this approach top of mind.