This week had thrown up a few curve balls with my kids that I've been wrestling with unconsciously. It wasn't until voicing what was going on that I realised how heavily these concerns were weighing on me. A warm drink and half an hour with Tina and I return home lighter and with a new perspective. Thanks so much for providing this valuable service Tina. Same time next week?

Julie H.

Tina at the Listening Space is a gem. I needed someone to talk to who could take time out to listen, but really didn't want to burden my friends. Tina has an understanding and genuine nature and it was lovely to have a cuppa with her. This is a wonderful service in the community, at a time when many of us are struggling. Thank you Tina!!

Lisa M.

Dear Tina, I came to you quite stressed and overwhelmed, not really knowing what I needed. Thank you for making me feel comfortable. It seems that all I needed was to offload, to talk, to be listened to. I felt safe and I left lighter than when I arrived. Thank you so much. I feel super happy that I found your cosy Listening Space! I enjoyed my cuppa with you and would love to come back for another one.

Alex L.