This is Me

Hi, my name is Tina. I am not a psychologist but rather a community minded person with a passion for truly understanding people.  I have done several trainings and workshops through Lifeline, Sidewalk Talk and the Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training of the Northern Beaches Council and know how powerful it is to feel truly seen and now aim to help people feel the calm and confidence that can happen through this process. I have found my way to empathetic listening through a few different pathways and have always had a desire to understand people on a deep level, but the thing that made the biggest impression on me and that showed me how powerful and fulfilling active listening is for me was a volunteer project called Sidewalk talk. This community listening project, which is happening all around the world, has volunteers sitting with two chairs each in a public place who will listen to whoever passes by and has a desire to share something, no matter what it might be. The idea is to connect the community and to show people how amazing it feels to be listened to without judgement, without receiving advice and without the other person just waiting for you to finish talking so they can share their own story.
I have volunteered with Sidewalk talk many times and have always felt that this service should be something that is available to people outside of the limited hours provided by them and to anyone who feels they could use a listening ear or a sounding board. So this is how the idea for my Listening Space came about and I could not be happier that I can now help people feel heard. Often that is all that is needed.
I’m hoping to share a cup of tea with you soon, Tina